Hi! I'm Cindy, mastermind behind Oh gosh, Cindy!. I'm 22, and currently based in the lovely city of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.

Originally I hail from The Netherlands. In 2013 I graduated from ArtEZ Institute of the Arts with a bachelor's degree in Fine Art. In my graduating year I mainly focused on photography (my photography can be found here, if you're interested!)

When faced with the inevitable post-graduate black hole, I decided to go back to my neverending love; painting. I decided to try out watercolours for the first time (pure laziness, it was so much faster to fill an entire page using water than it was using pencil!) I've always loved drawing people, so it was no question what I wanted to start painting. My first watercolour portraits turned out pretty well and, accompanied with some unforgettable quotes, 'Oh gosh, Cindy!' was born.